Handmade Wooden Serving Coffee Tray;Set of 3 with Brass Work



Product Type: Serving Trays & Platters
Product Code: HOMCRUZ-INTERNASG-M5476176BCFF531
Color: Brown
Material: Wood
Set Content: Set of 1
Product Dimension: 3 cm x 56 cm x 1 cm

500 in stock

Wholesale Price: £12.00 ( Minimum Quantity: 1000 )

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Cooking and serving hot dishes in stoneware is tasty, healthy and unusual.

Eco-friendly – Eco-friendly tableware made of natural and safe clay, non-toxic, does not interact with food.

Temperature range – The stoneware are only suitable for using in the oven or in the “Russian stove”. Withstands temperature from -68 °F to 842 °F (-20 °C to +450 °C). Food does not burn in it, as the stoneware has the thick layer.

Thermoregulation – The stoneware has a unique ability to absorb and release moisture and, at the same time, to self-regulate the level of humidity and temperature. The products, cooked in the stoneware, are especially tasty and healthy due to the correct temperature regime.

Storage – The stoneware is very convenient for storing various products. The high heat capacity of the stoneware keeps the dish and food hot for a very long time. If you decide to store cereals or flour in clay pots, you can be sure that insects will never appear inside of the pots.

Great gift – This product will be a great gift for any hostess!


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